Open Heart

Minotaurdûm? More like Minotaurs: #doomed

An Excerpt from Lucien's journal

We had barely begun to parlay when Eido, incensed by some nonsense morality, decided that what we desperately needed then was to fight a necromancer. Bah.

She held high some kind of glowing talisman (amulet? other form of magical bullshit?), and our friendship with the accompanying beast men suddenly seemed… tenuous. They started growling at us. Very rude. Calibri, for his part, responded to this provocation with jokes, locking some of the Minotaurs in hideous laughter.

Kun Saldo and Onari begin attacking the sorceress, but found themselves slapping air as illusory mind tricks vanished under their blows. With her illusions dispelled, I made to attack the talisman (some kind of enchanted jar?), and succeeded in knocking it away. What I thought was an obvious pass to my companions turned into a bit of show; Eido tried to break it, then Calibri used still more bullshit to hoist the jar high above reasonable places to keep a fragile artifact of unknown power, and dropped it.

The thing shattered; I hope it wasn't important? It seemed too flashy and fragile, anyways. And then, the Minotaurs simply fell down. Ridiculous.

The sorceress lulled Eido and Kun Saldo into a magical slumber and turned invisible (which is a stupid amount of magical bullshit all at once) and tried to escape. Fortunately, we had her reasonably surrounded, and with quite some effort manage to strike her until she becomes visible again. Then she turned into a god-damn bird. Before the thing could fly away though, Calibri returned her favor and placed her under a sleeping spell. Sometimes I suppose it's nice for the bullshit to be on our side.

While she was unconscious, we tied her up, and roused Iannikus (but not the Eastern Minotaurs). We woke her and began our interrigation anew. She didn't say terribly much of particular use; we learned that she is working on behalf of some mysterious "masters" who have other agents. One interesting note: she mentioned that there was a "playbook", which was disbound and had its pages scattered.

We weren't interrogating her for long before the land quaked beneath us. As the eastern Minotaurs awoke it became clear that the entire minotaur island was sinking. Fast. We implored the sorceress to use her bullshit to stop this; she said she was willing to try. The eastern Minotaurs wanted to take her, but we weren't about to part with her yet when she is so obviously connected to these absurd happenings.

We headed southwest towards Smuggler's Cove. Along the way we found the bodies of Davhorn (né Boris) and Cruward. In some kind of strange death ritual, Onari tied the body of Davhorn to the wolf body of Kun Saldo.

While discussing our options, the sorceress did mention one more interesting tidibit here; she said "Everything interesting on the island leaves with us". I wonder what she finds interesting, but our follow-ups lead nowhere.

WHen Smuggler's cove came into view, we saw the Silent Market in chaos. Though the city hadn't yet fully sunk, parts of it were already submerged. Other bits were aflame, and amidst it all was bedlam and looting. Still in the harbor was the ship we originally sailed in on – we started into town with that as our destination. 

When we got close, we realized that a moat had formed around the town that we would need to cross. We managed to do so, but before crossing Kun Saldo left Davhorn's body behind. I didn't really understand why we were bringing it in the first plce, so… meh?

After some tricky maneuvering we crossed the river safely. In town we happened across the boy-werewolf ("Gaev"), in the midst of looting a chest from a building. I find myself liking the boy more and more; he has an enterprising soul. We pull him (and the chest) across another water trap in the city, and find that he's delivered to us a chest with a dozen healing potions inside! We liberate these from the boy and take him into our party for the journey back to the mainland.

After some deliberation, the remainder of the party decides that in order to minimize the cost of passage aboard the boat most of them would step into Kluka's other-worldly painted realm. I bear the painting along with my normal gear and negotiate passage abord the S.S. Minnowtaur (eventually costing four healing potions, ugh). Kun Saldo morphed into a vermin and crawled aboard as well, providing a nice backup, without additional outrageous expense.

Captain Moonray expertly navigated us safely back to the mainland, where I unfurled Kluka's painting and released the remainder of the party.

We find that we've received some correspondence while we were away at Minotaurdûm; Högni has sent me word of strange goings-on in Hedgehog Forest, and an old map showing an old path to the hidden bog. Kun Saldo has received a missive from the Lady Cressa asking us to return and deal with the catacombs full of living dead bullshit.

With minimal deliberation, we choose to follow my (obviously correct) information and head towards the hedgehogs. We make a stop to drop off Phaella (as we have learned that the sorceress is called), and the the eastern minotaurs with Colibri's circle of wizards.

While heading to the forests, I spent some time recalling Victor; it's surprising how much more comfortable I am knowing that he's there.

As we started to get close to the area depicted on the old map, we encountered a group of Kobolds. After a skirmish ended with several dead kobolds, a survivor tried to warn us off of going to hedgehog forest. He claims that there are rodents of unusual size; "Dire Hedgehogs". I don't think they exist. He further claimed that they were a group of "improved" Kobolds, who work for the dwarves that live in the bog. This all seems highly suspect to me…



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