Colibri Fortuna

A gnome that just wants to be right.



Colibri’s eyes wondered at how such a small object could refract light into a million different possibilities. A simple twist, a different angle, and you would be looking at something completely different… though equally brilliant. He marveled at the gem and could predict which cuts would best capture the light and rebound them in the most intricate of patterns.
He was the only child from a long line of jewelers. His mother was the gemcutter. His father created the setting. One brandished a chisel against the rough rock to create a focal point, the other painstakingly created the filigree and coaxed precious metals to embrace the stone. Work from the Fortuna’s, they would say, was a blessing from the gods themselves.

While Colibri appreciated his father’s detail, his heart was held by the beauty of the gem itself. A beautiful house is still just a building with no occupant, after all. He held his newest gem thinking it had been the most perfect cut he had ever accomplished. It was a sapphire of great quality. His mother, finally pleased with his progress presented this jewel as a gift. “Take it, Colibri. This one will be yours. You’ve earned it, so, treat it right. Now it is rough, as you once were, but I trust in you, son. Make it shine. You are a Fortuna, your possibilities are endless!”

He eyed the sapphire again. Months of work and meticulous planning and cutting had gone into the jewel. There were no imperfections, but he was intent. Colibri knew, that even the most perfect gems were not infallible and yet, he could find no flaw. Was it his ego? From every angle he saw nothing but the infinite reflection of light turning in on itself, inwards and outwards, a blue glow seemed to be self-produced but he knew it was just a trick of the light.

Among the fractals there was something else though. Dark figures moved about in the gem. Reflections? No. From angle to angle the figures shifted, each time only slightly different from the last. As if the same description was given from a different viewer. And they moved! Colibri shuddered and nearly dropped the sapphire.

“Son? Are you all right?” Paloma asked. Only the two of them, mother and son, were in the workshop. Perico had gone to the dwarves to negotiate for more metal. The lantern cast a steady glow. It could not have made the images.

“I don’t know, mother. Maybe I’m just tired.” He lied.

“Colibri, what did you see? You seem haunted?”

“Just a trick of the mind, I’m sure. There were humans and elves gathered…” He thought about how crazy he sounded and paused briefly. “No, I’ve been staring at this for too long. I should get take a rest. Let me know if you need any help with those emeralds later.”
And with that, Colibri was off but Paloma was not convinced. Could the stories have been true?

Colibri Fortuna

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