Ground Rules


Experience will typically be allocated between sessions (or at the beginning of the next session).  Experience points will definitely be awarded for role-playing and for staying in character when meta-gaming was a temptation.  

The DM will assume you are in your default marching order unless you say otherwise. 

The descriptive elements of your surroundings will include those things that catch your eye based on descriptive norms (e.g. we won't always say whether the walls are wooden or stone, unless your character really "notices" that) and your passive checks.  

[need an agreement about takebacks if you "think out loud" about what your character is doing]

Magic items, as always, may be non-obvious.  Because spellcasting in this world is still on an uprise, the Identify spell does not seem to exist right now and magic items will generally require experimentation to confirm powers.   (Spells and potions are excepted as readily identifiable in most circumstances.)

If the DM is wrong about something, please do point it out — but please understand that we likely have to run with the DM's decision for the moment and apply fixes at our next session as appropriate.  

Ground Rules

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