Contract from Lady Cressa

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BE IT HERE AGREED that the adventurers who have signed below will complete the tasks as described and with the following terms and conditions of compensation:


1.       Each adventurer to earn an amount for expenses at the rate of 1gp per diem up to 30 days or the completion of task or the death of the adventurer, whichever comes first; regardless of actual expenses incurred; with allowance of petitions for exceptions to be filed within 30 days of task completion;

2.       Each adventurer living at task completion to be given an equal share of all non-magical treasure recovered during the task, but limited to what can be carried away at the task’s completion; and not to include any letters, maps, or other writings;

3.       Each adventurer living at task completion to be given an equal share or opportunity toward a share of all magical treasure recovered during the task and subsequently determined to be not of interest to the city; but note that any magical treasure recovered may be used during task completion as necessary;

4.       For each adventurer deceased at task completion, the sum of 5gp to given to the designated next of kin;

5.       If all adventurers fail to return within 30 days, their deaths to be assumed and payment to next of kin made as specified above as if the task were complete; but if adventurers are discovered subsequently to be living, such payment to be reclaimed or taken from the adventurer’s share of payment, plus interest at the standard rate;

6.       If all adventurers or all living adventurers return without completing the task, no compensation to the adventurers be given except as noted above; and any damages to property incurred during the task attempt to be payable immediately to the city treasurer for appropriate distribution;

7.       If individual adventurers return without completing the task, all payment to be embargoed for 30 days until such time as other adventurers either return (with or without task completion) or fail to return such that a compensation rubric defined above clearly applies.

Contract from Lady Cressa

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