Character Creation Guidelines


Age, Gender, Alignment, Class, Race

Any age (within reason) and gender is fine.  Approved alignments are: LG, CG, NG, LN, or N.

Magic is a special situation in this world, and you should be braced for potential challenges depending on the class and race you choose.   Warlocks are officially meant to be put to death, and anything magical that cannot be legally controlled is similarly suspect and might be exiled or put to death depending on the jurisdiction.  

Definitely acceptable races for PCs include Dwarf (hill, mountain); Elf (high, wood); Halfling (lightfoot, stout); Human; Gnome (forest, rock); Half-Elf; Half-Orc.   Aasimar, dragonborn, and tieflings are going to feel automatically-magical and suspect to NPCs. (And potentially even to other PCs at first.)    So disguises, deception, and charisma rolls would play heavily into your gameplay.  

Collectively, the party will need a balance of the usual kinds of strengths and skillsets.  


Feel free to pick a background (from the PHB) and start to think about elements of your character.   We will be working on the back story of your character and the DM will relish opportunities to weave elements of your back story into the plot.   

Characters who woship gods may pick any god (of appropriate alighnment) from any pantheon mentioned in the PHB.   Deities not mentioned in the PHB are probably still ok but please chat with the DM about your preference.  

The premise of our story is that the characters have not met one another before, so you will organically have opportunities in-game to get to know one another as characters.   


The campaign will be a fun yet serious adventure, so let's keep our characters fun (encouraged!) without venturing into the farcical.  

Ability Scores & Feats

For ability scores, I am fine with either the (15, 14, 13, 12, 10, 8) method or the 27-point method, both of which are described on p.13 of PHB.

Racial modifiers are applied after you and distribute these ability scores, but a first-level character may not have any one ability higher than 18, even after racial bonuses are applied, so consider your racial bonuses in your initial distribution.  Human characters may choose either the standard or the variant option for ability scores, feats, etc.

Feats are a yes.  

Character Concept Advice & Warnings

Try not to get your heart set on a particular concept until you’ve had a chance to discuss party roles as a group.

Keep you concept simple and consider which aspects of yourself overlap with your concept. Don’t build something so far from yourself that it is difficult to get into character. Playing close to an archetype/stereotype can be a lot of fun and doesn’t leave you pondering your character’s complex motivations at every turn. The goal is to have some escapist fun, so you might also consider what sort of character will give you the most enjoyable break from your real life. Playing “Raven, the depressive goth chick” may not be the best choice if you’re struggling with depressing events IRL.

The campaign you will be playing is not hack-and-slash. There will be plenty of opportunities for combat, but there will also be real, honest-to-the-gods opportunities for TPK (total party kill) if you rush in with spells blazing without doing reconnaissance, research, and strategizing first. You should consider this in your character concept. “Brash and bold” is still fine as a character concept as long as it is not paired with “reckless and stupid.”

As a general rule, you should build a character that has a believable set of strengths, flaws, and quirks that would actually lead them to a successful life as an adventurer. If you are thinking of building a difficult-to-deal-with character, check this with your fellow players first. Do not force them to babysit your character. If you do, you may find yourself without a party behind you in a sticky situation, and I’m going to have to figure out how to work your new character into the storyline.

One time reboot option

As you are turning second level, if you feel that you want to re-imagine your character in some way — or simply start over with a new concept — we can do that.   

[Some material adapted and/or copied gratefully from stuff written by Guy Burns]

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Character Creation Guidelines

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