Open Heart

Moymeran's Tower, etc.

From Colibri, with love

"What do we tell Lady Cressa?" Colibri's quizzical eyes darted across the rooftops of the town below. He stared back into his crystal and resumed talking. "The Lady seems to think that we are nothing but house cleaners. At least, that is what we've done as of late. This new house had potential. The tower of Moymeran! The great wizard had been missing for some time and I had hoped he had been caught up in some great discovery, alas…" He scratched his chin and wondered about his own mortality. __________ The tower was an unimpressive four and a half stories. It would have been lost among the other buildings had it not been pointed out to them and the fact that, while unimpressive, it's height was still taller than the others. Deitrich, much to my dismay, had been called off for some religious duties in other areas of the country. In his place, the Lady Cressa provided an almost mute by the name of Onari. He carries a staff that he uses to passively suggest his course of action, and on other occassions will utter a word as accompaniment. While I believe in brevity as a means of efficiency, Onari fails to grasp that his lack of expression only leaves the rest of the group bewildered. In any case, into the tower… except, it was locked. Of course. This piqued Lucian's interest and, as if the rest of us had not expected it, the door promptly popped open upon Lucian's investigation. His furtive attempts to hide his instruments only mirrored his ability to mask his accent. Ahem, nothing to see here. As this was a powerful wizard's dwelling, we enter with the utmost caution, however were only greeted by a very lonely entryway that led into some seemingly unoccupied rooms covered in a few weeks layers of dust. House cleaners. The bill for Lady Cressa should be appropriate. Hmph. Onari, jingles his staff and starts searching. We follow suit and find room after room of disapppointment. While I know we wizards are not the eclectic types that we are made out to be, the lack of anything remotely intriguing is, admittedly, disappointing. Finally we find Moymeran's quarters. A bird sits near a window and there is a painting of a very elegant elvish woman. As we are looking for signs of Moymeran, we quickly try to exit since there seems to be nothing of import when suddenly a voice calls back. "Excuse me, I haven't seen anyone in weeks… would you help me?" The figure in the painting beckoned."I am a friend of Moymeran. The last I saw of him he was off to do another experiment and he has failed to return since. Would you please check his workroom?" After some conversation we learn that her name is Clucka and we decide that we are left with little much else to work with, so, we comply with the request. The bird, apparently was also Moymeran's familiar, and would accompany us to the workroom. Moymeran was a brilliant wizard who was known to push the boundaries of what was allowed with magic. When we arrive at his workroom there is a body slumped over the table. It is, to my dismay, Moymeran. What could have killed a wizard of his caliber? I wonder. Onari performs a quick ritual for the dead and Seldo does a quick ritual to rid the room of the smell of decay. I do my own ritual to see what magic may still be laying about and find that there is a very dangerous aura coming from the end of the table in a cabinet. Could this be what killed the old wizard? Seldo, being one dedicated to his task, opens the cabinet and a rope falls out and arranges itself neatly on the floor. I quickly advise that magical ropes are nothing to be trifled with and that if we have found a dead wizard such as Moymeran then we should treat it with the utmost caution. And so, we leave it where it lay. We return to Clucka and Ido shares the news with her. There is an honest reaction of grief and then a look of underplayed panic. "Please, she says, take my painting and send it to our wizard colleague. With Moymeran's death, it may be the only help left for me." She reveals that she is suffering with a rare magical disease and that the painting keeps her body in suspension. Moymeran was helping find a cure.



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