Open Heart

Among the Dead

A letter


Forgive the haste with which I had to end my last correspondence. Gracious me, but it's been a busy time!

The adventurers with whom I am working continue to show that they are capable, and maintaining brevity is a challenge. I feel I am growing stronger, and hope to move on to the next phase of my training as soon as possible. I'm finding new ways to generate ki.

In search of the missing girl, we headed to the cottage I've indicated to the enclosed map, and was immediately dismayed to discover the entire area covered in the webs of giant spiders. The druid Saldo seems entirely too comfortable turning into something with far too many legs, but his spider-form proved useful in rescuing two cocooned victims, including a halfling woman named Irietrea and the missing girl, Murmella. Eido interceded to restore both to health.

I know you'll be shocked to hear this, but we then got into a fight with a giant spider. After dispatching the foul thing, we approached the house of the local witch, only to discover her half-eaten corpse and a hybrid spider-woman. I prepared for battle, but she turned out to be polite, and claimed she'd been summoned from far away. She claimed she did not actually kill the woman, and the others believed her and allowed her to leave unmolested. I did not argue, focusing on my ki. I am here to learn.

There was some ethical debate on the part of the others, but this was cut short because zombies. We found ourselves in a brief, pitched, and puzzling battle. The presence of the zombies coinciding with our arrival strikes me as in no way coincidental. We were joined in the battle by… I think his name is Boris Davhorn? I focused on my breathing rather than ask for clarification. The path we walk is not easy.

After we defeated the undead, Davhorn suggested that he can search and secure the witch's cottage, but oh, no, honey. We examined the witch's corpse and determined that she died by being stabbed with a bladed weapon rather than, say, a giant spider bite. Perhaps Meluah, the freakish and creepy spider-woman, was honest with us?

Lucien located another body, and I managed to perform the rite for their spirits. It would really help if I could explain to the others.

We returned to Open Heart to return the people we rescued and report to Lady Cressa, who I believe I mentioned in my last missive. Having completed that quest, we're directed to the local catacombs to locate Gribbo, the missing gravedigger, which I'm sure will end well. Lucien produced a clever map from… somewhere. After shopping during which I was torn beween Ugh, materialism and Ooh, shiny new bow!, we finally set off for the catacombs. Speaker, these adventurers talk a lot. I find myself tested.

When we arrived at the catacombs, the non-elves brandished torches. It's so adorable how they manage to compensate for their many deficiencies! I just want to squeeze them! And then tell them to shut up.

In addition to the expected dead, we encountered a cavern of corpses. Please send more members of the Order. I sensed deep suffering there; this is going to require a ceremony on a scale beyond what I can manage alone. We located Gribbo dead in his bedroom. I imagine you will be as shocked as I was. I'm not clear on what caused his death.

We continued to explore, apparently because we were not yet in sufficient trouble, and we managed to successfully locate an army of skeletons. Perhaps not an army. A battalion? Certainly more than I believe a group our size could handle, regardless of the power Eido wields. We turned around and left, which is the single most sensible action I can recall these adventurers taking at any point.

We weren't pursued, which was very convenient, but our explorations clearly picked up a significant pace. We then encountered a dead minotaur, and I got to experience surprise for possibly the first time that day. It was novel. There was a tapestry in the (minotaur's?) bedroom, behind which we found a secret tunnel, and through that, we found Shit Elves.

Saldo attempted to deceive them by turning into a spider. I have no words. Further, it actually worked insofar as we were able to surprise and defeat them, slaying a Shit Elf cleric and capturing their mage. We also discovered evidence of some sort of larger plot in which they were involved, and I've copied those letters on the enclosed.

We appear to be moving again, so I should pause this for now. I'd like to get these documents into your hands as quickly as possible. Does any of this nonsense sound familiar to you? I believe I understand why you sent me here. The adventurers have largely impressed me (except when they talk), and I feel we are accomplishing some good; I am glad to assist them.

I trust the Order is well. But seriously, send monks.


We are the most publicized adventuring party in the history of adventuring. Just how many different factions and organizations are getting regular letters and reports on our various adventures? ;)

Among the Dead

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